Note to Congress.  It’s gotta be believable for people to believe it.

Everyone has postured it as “a rare show of unity” between the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington as the leadership came together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.  Certainly a noble cause.  Both sides of the aisle came together to hear “We Shall Overcome” while holding hands.  I have never seen in my life a group of people so uncomfortable with human contact in my life.  And, therefore the problem.  If these people can’t stand to be in the same room with each other, how are we to believe that they can come together to solve a problem together? 

Note to FIFA.  Italian food is among the best food in the word.  If Uruguay wants to experience it—let them send out for pizza.  Not take a bite out of players.  Plus you give a questionable red card in a game that important?  Wow.

OK the so the State Supreme Court – heretofore known as “The Supremes” is out with its decision allowing now the entire state to vote on a casino.  You have referendum government, you get referendum government.  Everyone spoke the words you would expect them to speak.  Dom Sarno says the fight will go on.  MGM says they are ready for the fight.  Opponents say that they are pleased with the decision.  No one said the court was right or the court was wrong.  So now we have a governor’s race which no one will care about because they all will be dealing with the casino issue.  So it comes down to this, educate yourself and decide.  I don’t care which one you come out with –yes or no.  Figure it out and vote.  If one hundred per cent of the people in Springfield don’t vote this time out, with its very future on the line, we should just all go home.

That’s all I got.  Be safe out there.