Good Morning! First I would like to thank the President in particular, and to a lesser extent the Governor for robbing me of the rare few minutes I get to sleep during a day. Good job taking it from me. Both men gave their State of Speaches. The President speaking for about an hour and the Governor for about a half hour.  

On Worcester Radio I split the lead this morning. The Governor is only sort of a lead. The case of a couple of men enticing kids into a van…or at least trying to entice them inside a van. The Julie Corey Murder trial is the other lead. Then the Governor is the third lead there. On the FMs here the latest National Grid Scam is one lead….then G-Pat and his speech is the other. And, on the WHYN Morning Show I will split the leads between the latest scams and the speeches from last night.

Random thoughts… Michael Grim, the NY Congressman almost overshadowed an entire Congress. Doing the post game stuff…a TV reporter asked him about a campaign finance investigation into his campaign. He ducked the question and left the interview and then when he thought everything was done and the cameras were off came back to confront the reporter by threatening “to throw him off the balcony.”   The thing is that the audio was still going…the camera was too but everything happened just out of camera range. Oh btw, the Congressman is a former FBI agent. Nice.   He says it wasn’t the first time someone has confronted a reporter and won’t be the last.

I have been pretty lucky in my career. Thinking last night…if I had to could I live on a minimum wage paycheck? The answer is probably if I didn’t have to deal with rent and utilities. It might be doable in that regard….MIGHT BE. Tough question. I don’t get paid to have to make that decision either in Congress or the State.

Medical Marijuana farms have been named in Connecticut. Simsbury, which surprised me, is one of the facilities. Governor Malloy will not expand Med Mar to children nor will he ever consider making the drug legal.

Congratulations to all you reporters covering the Super Bowl.   It was media day which is the greatest waste of time in American History. Richard Sherman of the Seahawks was asked about Strippers and Justin Bieber. It would not cross my mind to ask anyone that question. But expanding that to the local scene…picture the Mayor giving his state of the city address…and takes questions ----I yell out (since I never wait for anything) “ Mayor----what do you think about the local strippers?” Wow. But the award for the stupid question of the year goes to the reporter who asked someone, I think it was Peyton--- “Is Sunday a Most Win?” No you moron would have been my answer. You know these events are more about making moments in time rather than doing a job which is one reason why I opt out of these types of things.

But my award for the reporter of the year goes to the guy on the Weather Channel who was doing a live shot in the snow and some jerk college guy comes to storm the shot. Instead of letting the guy roll into the shot, the quick thinking weather man extended his leg and the guy – let’s say, ran into it. My hero. A job well done.

Anyway, all kinds of reax to the speeches last night on the morning show. I will get out of here early to see if I can actually close my eyes for a bit. See you on the Morning Show in a bit.