It was one year ago today that a two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Today a state and a nation will come together to remember those dead and injured. The Vice President - Governor and former Mayor Tom Menino will lead the state in a moment of silence right before 3. On the WHYN Morning Show we will talk to some of the people who ran the race and were there.

Cele Hahn died over the weekend in Mexico where she lived with her husband and business partner Curt. They, obviously well known as respected business people and just great people. Not because I worked for them for about a decade --but the people you heard on the radio were the people you saw in the store or in the restaurant. She was an amazing interview who built interviews small questions at a time and so by the end of it you had a body of work that was pretty amazing to look at. She was also a State Rep who had more fun on Beacon Hill (no really) then she did as a reporter. She loved finding solutions. The bil that dealt with prescriptions for needles no longer being needed I believe was at her urging. She was also just a plain fun person to be around. And, when you had to interview her for something - they never lasted very long. Her answers no matter how complicated the subject you could fit in a 12 second bite and move on. Go find one of those lawmakers anywhere on Beacon Hill now days. They don't exist. She will be missed on so many levels.

ITEM: So I have this phone. And as part of these new phones I get a rebate. Now, for those of you who haven't been around the block as often as some of us, there was a day when you got a rebate they either took the rebate off your bill or they would just send you a check. Now they send you a debt card. States --many of them send you debit cards for your refund. Try applying that little card to your bill. Better yet try depositing that in your bank. They look at you like you are from Mars. Martians would bet better looks. Ahhh the days of a check.

Other than that we move on. We sprint to the end of the week.