It is a bit legendary that I don't do a lot of talking on the phone during the mornings around here unless someone tells me that I need to take a call or that I do so by accident. Must keep eye on the prize during the day and with the news cycles the way they are -- any departure could put you behind and you would never catch up.

Well it happened. And, yesterday was one of those times that I sort of saw a phone...heard a phone and picked up the receiver and it was a nice lady who had some very nice things to say and then the word that sends shivers down my spine.


Now some people get me with this blog thing and some people don't and that is ok. I tell the rookies here or the interns that you need to work hard and play hard and play hard at working. Some get it. Some do not. I'm not that easy a person to work for.

So when this nice woman then read me the riot act for 5 minutes about how I didn't know the inside workings of government, I asked meekly --"what are you talking about ma'am?"

It seems earlier in the week I had talked about in one of these blogs about the end around that some politicians may want to do concerning casino gambling, namely if voters say no to the statewide vote, then they will file home rule petitions to get it done anyway.

Now the words are there. And, the words without looking them out suggested rather flippantly (me flip?) that notwithstanding that the death penalty was illegal maybe Springfield would adopt its own. Or maybe we could all just not pay our state income tax one day.

I think most understood that I was not asking Springfield to adopt the death penalty. And, I am not suggesting that you not pay your state income tax.

I just thought I should mention that because this woman was concerned about me.

A lot of people are.