There are two Springfields.  Actually there are a lot more than two nationwide but for my purposes this morning the two in question are the ones where the shots were popping like popcorn and the other where it is the eighth best small city in the nation to retire to.  AARP says that Springfield with its medium income of a hair over 36 thousand will make you feel young without feeling like a teenager.  OK good line.  Don't necessarily see it.  But---whatever. 


Of course that would be more believable if that did not hit my desk this morning at about the same time that we have to deal with a murder...a shooting and lord knows what else happened that police will brief me on this morning.  My guys on the desk at 130 Pearl --usually quite affable for the God awful hour I call them most days could only blurt out that --- "yes it did happen, there's a lot more---call the DB."


So you see, Springfield is truly a city either with an identity or some identity that no one can figure out.


There is one thing that I should acknowlege since I do like her stuff...I see where Laura Hutchins is going to be off the anchor desk at 22 for a bit to get married.  All the best to her.  I don't think I have ever seen her on the road when she is not smiling.  She is getting married to her college sweetheart.  Nice.  Now we have to figure out if Barry can survive without her.  I'm sure he will do just fine.


There is a ton of stuff going on this morning.  So strap on the seat belt...this will be quite a ride me thinks.