Good Morning!

Just stories and thoughts for you this morning.  No rants.  Just stories and thoughts.

1-       It is the 70th anniversary of D-Day.  I don’t know if that is the amazing part or that in some schools we actually teach it.  I will see if I can quietly sneak over to the Soldiers Home to pay my respects.  Just talking to these brave men is pretty amazing.

2-      The New Police Commissioner has a plan to combat crime.  Good Luck on that.  But I am bolstered by the fact that aside from the police, the youth and the religious community is trying to do something.  That’s the only thing that’s good about this story.

3-      In Hadley, an Elementary School student turns hero when his grandmother has a medical emergency and the youngster calls 9-1-1-.  Good deal.

4-      In Holyoke, if the Mayor said it was Friday, the city council would turn cartwheels getting to a microphone to explain that it was really Saturday.  Now at issue is the mayor closing down a city department so the employees could go to a funeral.  It is what mayors do.  It’s what businesses do.  It’s not an issue.  Lets figure out what else is.

5-      I was actually able to do the Lizzie Marriot story – that’s the sadomasochistic relationship that ended in the murder of a 19 year old woman in New Hampshire – was actually able to do that story without needing to shower afterwards.  The girlfriend will be on the stand for this the 4th day.

6-      I do like Steve Lynch- the Boston Congressman.  I don’t know him real well.  But, he has always been candid.  He is not one to spout the party line.  He is not happy over the Taliban Release.  We will have some of what he said.

7-      In Easthampton, a restaurant worker inadvertently puts chemical cleaner inside the grated cheese container and it gets used sending one to the hospital.  That person is going to make it.  But how on earth does that happen.

8-      We are going to get a Deval Patrick sighting today.  I continue to be amused by people who like to poke me over my writing of the story.  Let’s put it this way…he is the governor and he isn’t in the office.  Don’t you play when the boss is away?

I believe I should stop here.  The truce with the engineering department is over.  You just shouldn’t have to save ten words at a time in the hope that the system doesn’t implode.  Hey I’m in with sports too so I have to figure that one out.  You want to know about a horse?

See you in a bit.