Good Morning.

So where am I going to begin here? A crazy news cycle. One that brings emotions on many levels. And, while lots of people will give you the hard news of the day thats the easy part. Anyone can do that. But, guess what...

The funerals continue today in Boston. Seas of firefighters paying their respects to two fallen firefighters. A child in the front row of the funeral of Lt Ed Walsh wearing a fire chiefs uniform. A salute of the casket by the children of the Lt. And a grieving widow who asks for a favor; "will you find my husband's wedding ring?" Ordinarily, that would all be in the lead. Not close today. Although the funeral for Michael Kennedy is today and we will go through another round of emotions...another shooting. This time at the largest military base in the country at Fort Hood. 4 dead including the gunman. 16 are hurt. It's not terrorism.

Need more emotion? How about in Greenfield...where 50 people come out to pray. 19 people dead because of heroin overdoses in Franklin County since the beginning of the year. No solutions in sight. So going in another direction. It costs more to get a six pack then it does to get a pack of heroin.

And, more? In Connecticut state senators on the Judiciary Committee are reduced to fighting back their emotions as they rule that Charla Nash who was nearly killed by that chimp attack in Stamford may not sue the state. Crazy emotional there.

And, we are still awaiting word from some Governor to talk about Justina Pelletier. Neither office has returned my e-mails and calls. The Massachusetts Governor hasn't replied to a letter signed by five lawmakers asking him to get with Governor Malloy in Connecticut to get her home to West Hartford. Now I understand the mail is slow. But, the House Chamber on Beacon Hill is down the hall from the Governor's office. Certainly someone opened it?

Other than that....something for the band. It appears that Big Papi pulled one over on the leader of the free world. The White House says that Potus (for the uninitiated I should tell you "The President of the United States") was unaware that he was being used for a promotional deal that David Ortiz had with Samsung. Really? A selfie with POTUS is part of a promotion? Oh brother. Anyway, it made me laugh. See you in a bit.