Good Morning. Hope it’s all good today.

You know every time I feel the need to beat my head against a brick wall in frustration, I stop myself and convince myself that instead I should do a story about schools and students. It is at that point I bring myself back to sanity. All you have to do is take a look at some of the stories that I am dealing with this morning to determine that things must change. First there is the amazing story out of Westboro where three middle school girls decided that it was cool to take {for lack of a better description} “naked selfies” of themselves and send them to friends. I will let you consider for yourselves what that conversation around the dinner table was like that night. But if that weren’t bad enough, it seems that a 15 year old freshman decided to sell those pictures. Again, I will let you consider on your own terms what the conversation was like at that dinner table. Officials still investigating. But the school department sent home a letter to parents urging parents to be more alert and kids not to do something like that again.


Not quite at that level is the situation in Holyoke where parents gathered last night to question the policy of posting the marks of students on something called “the data wall”. That was a pretty common practice back in the days when “number aids” were considered high tec. The School Superintendent says he did not make the request and some teachers say he did. Meeting last night…no conclusions.



And, it’s not all bad. One of the people often referred to as “hero teachers” out of the Sandy Hook shootings was at Westfield State last night. Kaitlin Roig-Debellis spoke before a group of primarily teaching students but those who were interested in what she has to say. She recounted the day and what went on inside the tiny bathroom where she herded her class and told them that she loved them. We will hear some of that in a few of my newscasts. Powerful stuff. She has taken a year off from teaching but will be back in the classroom next school year. She is what is good about teaching. Not so sure about the other stuff.

On the WHYN Morning Show Mr Morganelli in the Weather Center has made me absolutely miserable. Looks like 8 or 9 is what we are getting and it will start after midnight. Get your errands done early. Supermarkets beware.

The stock market was miserable yesterday. The overseas markets are more so this morning so it’s going to be a rough ride. Jordan Goodman will talk us through. Other than that…we will get through this storm. It will be pretty intense but we have been through worse. Note to weather people—report it don’t create a circus. I know Nick won’t.