My head hurts.

First I am hoping this will be the last day that I speak the words Blarney Blowout.  I urge John Musante and Kumble Subbaswamy to wait till after the Marathon and privately come up with a plan.  Then explain what will happen if we turn a community upside down next year.

Words have meaning.  One word that some want to get rid of is the word "bossy" in school yards.  That according to Sheryl Sandberg who is the COO at Facebook.  Just thinking about all the words I would like to ban---"blarney blowout" comes to mind but so do some others.  "Obamacare"  - "whatever"  are two that just make my skin crawl.

Arne Duncan is going to do a song and dance in Worcester today.  As he talks about the importance of Teck Schools, the Tea Party is going to do a picket about Common Core.  Now it should not be any surprise that I think differently about these things.  Anyone can come up with the same benign thoughts.  If the government wants to create the standard for education and force it down parents throats...should they not also pay the full boat for it?  Common Core is not the slam doubt that some educators will tell you.  There are many states now having second thoughts.  They are looking to get out.  Parents have options too.  They can opt out of testing..but there is a process and sometimes it gets a little involved.

Hiding cocaine in diapers?  Really?  Only in Springfield.  One of the cops involved is "Brian Claprood".  Must get to my favorite public safety officer and ask if there is any relation.

A little bit later on today, I will come out of my office and do a quick speaking engagement in Agawam before some state and city officials.  I will tell you about it later.

My fave story from yesterday is actually the rape story out of Boston.  This is the woman who was raped last year...then Monday night spotted her attacker and called police and they arrested him within an hour.  Good for her.

My other fave story comes out of Spencer where the sewer department is charging the fire department for the water they use to fight fires.  I would say that its "only in Massachusetts" that that happens.  But, in my current community of domicile I see that the town is going to start taking the water use in a household.  Ahhh how about getting a handle on your costs.

That's it.  A little long.  Hey it happens.  See you in a bit.