The yearly sojourn to pick up my taxes is now over. And, once again I have been muzzled. Gone are the years when I would often hand my state return to a member of the administration's Revenue Department as they would often be in the station for interviews. No those days are gone. I have offered over the last couple of years to pen personal notes to Governors as part of my return. Somehow my tax guru has turned thumbs down on that. It would not be appropriate. Had I not been muzzled here is what I would have said in handwritten notes:

Governor Patrick: Dear Deval: Thank you for the opportunity to pay this tax to you. Since you want all of the taxes owed, can I be a whole person next year?  This year I think I made up to 40% of a person.

Governor Malloy: Dear Dan: Keep the 55 bucks you offer to send me. Don't need it. Let's take a look at the prop tax deal. 

President Obama: Dear Mr President: Keep the change.

Oh yes. And, then like a fool, I looked at what I pay in taxes to the Connecticut town that I live in.

Dear Town of Enfield: Really? This is what I pay you in property taxes each year? Where did you spend it all Somers?

As you can see, perhaps it is not wise to pen those notes. You make it. You pay it. No two ways about it. So in that respect I don't mind paying it. I would like to know that somehow, some way my contribution to a bunch of governments is put to good use. I am having trouble with that concept all across the board.