Hey there.  Happy Friday.  The Olympic Watch begins really today.  The opening ceremonies are tonight.  Let’s put it this way – if you don’t hear me talk about the Olympics on the air, that is a good thing because that means everything is quiet.  Despite the penchant for some reporters in Sochi to complain about their hotels, the only real story on the news side of things is whether it will be safe.  And, let’s all keep our fingers crossed. 

 Since I do sleep occasionally I did not see the Leno Show but ordered up the video of his last remarks.  He did it right.  He even made my eyes moist when he talked about losing family members and the Tonight Show family was the only family he had left.  He has always been a class act and went out the way a man of his stature should have.  Thanks by the way to NBC Entertainment and FoxNews for freeze frame from last night.

 News-wise there is nothing amazingly earth shattering but there is a lot out there that will draw some emotion including what Pasquale Martin.  He is the uncle of Annamarie Cochrane Rintala who was killed in her home.  Cara, the wife was tried twice and both trials ended with a hung jury.  And, the last surviving member of the 1934 Springfield American Legion team had his picture taken with the World Series trophy in Holyoke --- this is the team that took itself out of a tournament because a black player was barred. 

 Because the winter weather got in the way of all my officiating commitments this week…I have been to the gym and sleeping.  I did have a minor breakdown and snuck out to a local facility to get something to eat.  Now usually I say “that I am stronger than bread”.  I placed my order…which was a very reasonable dinner selection and the waitress put in front of me one of those small loafs of just out of the oven bread.  I offered….I am stronger than bread….breathed in deeply then inhaled the bread.  I ain’t THAT strong.  Note to crew tonight… I will be sprinting on the court regardless of whether I should or not.  The sad thing is --- I don’t remember eating the bread.

 It is still freaking cold.  But Nick is back on my good side.  He says that the weekend will be cold…with “a coating to an inch of snow” on Sunday.  Now that I can deal with.  Then he went to ruin it when he said that middle of the week we could have some more major snow on the way.  Can’t win them all.

 Anyway, have a good weekend.  Check with you later.