Good Morning all.  Hope you had a good weekend.  Several items hit my mind this morning based on the weekend.

1-  The Governor says that it is feasible that Boston could host the 2024 Summer Olympics.  I agree with him much the same way that it is feasible for UMass to play a neutral site basketball game on the moon.  Please Governor before we spin our wheels on this can you call Mitt Romney.  Ask him to come have lunch with you and figure out what one needs to do this.  My best bet is that this is a lot of talk.  It would cost tens of billions of dollars to create an that is not there.  And, oh Gov?  Where are you going to build the Olympic Village, the middle of the ocean?  Or, how about Palmer.  They have nothing happening for 152 acres of land there.

2- Out of Salisbury comes the story of the man who was arrested when he apparently put a short rib recipe on his windshield instead of a car inspection sticker.  Now I would make a lousy judge.  I would first have to ask -  "and how long did you have that there?"  If he says months then I am throwing the case out of court.  He gets creative points in my courtroom.

3-  Note to West Springfield.  Can we do something with the lights on Memorial.  I know the prospects of having roads that aren't craters are small, but how about making it so I don't have to wait for three lights to make a left turn into the mall from six cars back.  An arrow light for that left turn please?

4-  Note to the World:  Please don't come out and announce you have a tentative deal about anything?  Tentative deals aren't deals.  Pick the story you want that one to apply.

The lead stories this morning are all over the place.  On the AMs I will have an animal story that resulted out of a drug raid.  On the FMs, a warning from the Hampshire DA about heroin.  In Worcester, an update on the Home Invasion story.

Oh yea, note to media -- it's New Haven.   It isn't NEW haven.  That's the way you say it to advertise you aren't from the area.  And, while I am at it... eliminate all Hs from Amherst.  And hol EEE oke is --well I don't know where that is.  I will add Worcester and Chicopee to future rants. 

Believe it or not, I'm in a good mood.  A very good mood.  Hope you are to.  See you beginning at 5.