Good Morning.  Hope you had a good night’s sleep.  I’m a little less cranky then I was yesterday.

But there are a few things that gain my attention today.

ITEM:  McDonalds in September is going to do a noontime guarantee –that in some markets when you order, you will get your food within a minute or you get a free sandwich.  Not all markets.  Anyone think that’s going to work?  Unless of course you cook three times the amount of food and let it sit under a heat lamp.  I can’t get them to stop calling me “dude”.    Could be interesting.

ITEM:  I fully recognize that I am going to hell for this.  But the Pope in an address before German young people urged them to go out and make a difference in their lives and to do that they need to get away from their computers and quit watching soap operas to get that done.  Ahhh --- yo ah Pope--- are you serious?  I’m not giving up The Young and the Restless in order to make a difference in someone’s life.  Victor Newman is more important.  (and please don’t call me to tell me that “yo Pope” is not the way we address His Holiness.  The nuns did teach me a few things).

ITEM:  From the Springfield Republican a report that says the Mayor has granted pay raises to department heads?  Some as much as 12 grand.  Question.  Too much?  Too little.  And if we tell the world our budget is tight, is this the time to do this?

ITEM:  The Governor signed a bunch of bills in his newly furbished 11 million dollar renovation of his offices.  Part of that deals with a facial recognition that will allow only certain people to have certain access to his offices.  Certainly a good idea.  Then according to the Boston Herald, someone admitted that with the 11 million dollar renovation comes the fact that they don’t have the software to operate the cameras.  Some things deserve a comment.  Others are just too out there to even consider.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  All I have to say is thank you Shrewsbury.  With all the crazy and horrible stories out there comes word that a 69 year old -5 foot seven inch 270 pound man was arrested this week and arraigned yesterday on gross lewdness charges for doing yard work while butt naked.  There are boatloads of stuff I should probably say about this.  But while in court yesterday, the answer never came as to why he would do such a thing.  What worries me are the people who stopped their cars to take pictures.

I said I was a little less cranky. 

That’s it.  See you in a few.