Good Morning.

I am pleased to report that Ludlow is intact and calm.  And, I suspect until about 3 on Thursday it will continue that way.  The USA and Portugal draw.  That keeps both teams alive in the group although it might be just a wee bit easier for the US.  All they have to do is beat Germany or hold them to a draw to advance.  That’s not a piece of cake either.  In fact the way they are playing it might be next to impossible.  But that is why we play the games.  And, oh by the way, the two Portugal goals were somewhat pretty but the result of miserable defensive play.  So, they have some work to do.

Another set of vigils and ceremonies this week remembering the victim in the Springfield Sixth Murder of the year. Many of the speakers were very good…incredibly good.  However, as good they are at delivering the message, as good as they are at bringing people together, who is listening.  Are the people who should be listening doing that?  Can they drop their guard just one minute and listen?  Can they take a chance that in some small way that if they do not shoot people –that they may actually have a better life with some small hope of success?  Go ahead.  I dare you.  Take the chance.

Nice ceremony in Westfield Sunday for the naming of the Post Office after former Postmaster and City Councilor William Trant.  His daughter  Sally said it best, when she talked about the things that her father did for the community that only they knew about.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I thought about Danny Trant and thought that he would have been 51 this year.  You will remember that Danny died in Tower One September 11th.

We are going to hear a lot about Iraq this week.  We will hear from Richie Neal who must of answered questions about that 50 times this weekend.  And, later in the week we are going to hear more about Justina Pelletier.  She is going to make her first TV appearance on Fox News this weekend and we will tell you about that.  The family all but guaranteed a law suit against  Massachusetts because of it.

See other than that, I haven’t got anything on my mind this morning.