Frankly, I don't accept many speaking engagement these days.  With so much going on in the world committing to anything is often times crazy.  Those engagements that I do - the questions always seem to get around to the state legislature of some state or another and someone always screams out from the back "well why don't you run."  I often reply with something flip (surprising I know).  But the gist of it is people in office would find it difficult working with someone who only had something on their minds that wanted to make things better rather than getting re-elected every so many years.  However, for those of you in government who read this looking for ideas--- here is my first floor speech if I ever won a seat where ever that I would have given:

"Mr Speaker.  I rise to tell you that we need help.  I know this might seem surprising but it has been a rather odd and difficult winter with the snow measured in "yards" and the ice on the roads and sidewalks measured in "rinks".  Like all New Englanders we complain about it and somehow manage to make it through most of the time unscathed.

Mr Speaker -- despite that...we are in trouble.  Our roads....all of them are crumbling.  It is only a matter of time when something really bad happens somewhere because of it.

Mr Speaker, many of our neighbors have hit those bone jarring potholes that nearly sever our spines and cost us hundred of dollars to fix.  Neither our state nor our cities make our drivers whole or even consider paying for repairs.  But, Mr Speaker since this is a more widespread a problem then ever before, I ask you to consider a tax credit for these motorists of 25% of repairs.  I wish it were more.  They are our roads Mr Speaker and we have let down the motorists.  We give families a break with Sales Tax holidays, lower unemployment insurance rates for business it is time for us to do the same thing for motorists.  Mr Speaker isn't this the fair thing to do?

No need to attribute.  I haven't hit a pothole that nearly killed me.  But, isn't there anything our government will do to help?