Good Morning.

One wonders what the world is coming to…where it all went wrong…the disregard for human life – the destruction of life and property.

Where did it all go wrong?

In Springfield this morning, a tenth murder of the year—on Allen Street around 2-30 this morning.  A man was shot in the back.  Police bolstered by the fact that there are witnesses and there is a video—but of what we don’t know.

The ISIL terrorist group continues to raise hell throughout the world.  The Defense Secretary now says that they must defeated because there is nothing like them in the world today.  By the way, we are going to change the name of the group previously referred to as ISIS to ISIL.  That is the way the Vice President referred to them and that is what the State Department is referring to them as and so to insure consistency we will do the same.

In Ferguson, they had a relatively quiet night last night and this morning.  Maybe, just maybe the media will get bored by the story and move on to other things.

I will gladly tell you when politicians screw up, but, I am also going to tell you when they did good.  The Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz says he will sign an executive order that will ban police from arresting immigrants and handing them over to the fed unless there is a real crime involved.  Get this, in Northampton they held a legit open discussion on an issue that did not result in a screaming match and everyone – no matter what side of the issue they were on—listened and respected each other.  Usually that doesn’t happen regardless of the issue.  Good deal.

The news around the earth is so crazy these days that I have to close a bit short but on an issue that made me laugh when I thought about it.

The Shriners—or “those guys in the funny hats” as I like to describe them in a story from time to time –they will have their annual meetings in Agawam and West Springfield.  There is a parade Saturday at 2 from the Jr High to the High School in Agawam.  I do believe that the Shriners are missing a golden opportunity.  Can you imagine having that parade in West Side on Memorial Avenue?  Just picture these little vehicles going 40 miles an hour down the street…hitting all those bumps and pot holes and the like.  Can you imagine the loft those vehicles could get?

I still haven’t figured out whether it’s better to do Memorial slower or faster.  I think slower.

It does make me laugh.  Something has got to.

That’s it.  See you in a bit.  Let’s keep a good thought.