Hey there.

So what else is going to happen this morning?  We have the armed robbery of the DD on Page Blvd in which five Springfield men have been arrested.  We have the shooting on Ranney Street where we found the casings but not a victim.  On Orchard Street we have a shooting victim but no details.  What is it they say about the long, hot summer?

Can anyone figure out what is going on with the state legislature these days?  So we have this sales tax holiday which the head of the Mass Retailers Association Jon Hurst, calls “the most important economic incentive on Beacon Hill because it is the only incentive aimed at 70% of our economy--the consumer!  Everyone says it will happen.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the House version of the bill and the Senate version of the bill are a week apart.  So they will have to figure that out.  Here’s a solution.  Have two weekends.  Do something REALLY nice for the consumer.  One big appliance and cars…one get back to school stuff.  Just if you are doing something for the consumer.  BTW Connecticut’s Sales Tax Holiday is a weeklong and hasn’t been released yet but should be August 17th to the 23rd. 

And, since I am in a pleasant mood today…

Have you ever wondered how one light at the corner of State and Main can back up traffic for two blocks?  What’s up with that?  And do we need 30 seconds to get across the street plus 15 second warning signal?  No one crosses the street legally still do they?

Cleansing breath here.  I feel much better now.  Let’s go out and win the day.  I’m just trying to win the minute I’m in.