Ok. So I'm like serious bored.

I know - long hot summer. No one as been killing each other of late so my workload is on the low end. And, that's never a bad thing.

But, I'm bored for a different reason.
With all the sincerity that I can come up with, the Governors candidates in two states, encompassing 8 people have absolutely put me to sleep.

Who the hell needs sleeping pills when you have these people.

They are all very smart people. "Smart Cookies" is the way my grandmother would refer to them.

But giving them a campaign to run would be like giving me an F1 formula car to drive down Main Street.

I'm not even sure they want to engage. I'm not sure if they have an idea. I'm frankly not certain about any political candidate.

And, you know what?

Because of it -they win. We don't.

So -- when you all prance in here and do your campaign stops flocked by dozens of people giving the elusion that you have lots of support,

could you remember a couple of times during the day that the people who are going to vote for you right now are far outnumbered by the people who are not or who have not made up their minds.

Can't we give them something? Anything to feel good about actually being here?