June 2013 Teacher of the Month

Ms. CeCe Richards Indian Orchard Elementary

 My daughter has high function autism spectrum disorder (aka Asperger’s syndrome) which makes it very hard for her to function in a crowded and loud classroom. Right from the start of the year Ms. Richards looked for a way to keep my daughter calm when the classroom got too stressful. She gave my daughter an index card that says “I am feeling stressed, I need a break” so that when my daughter is in a classroom with another teacher they will know how to help her succeed. I make puzzle piece jewelry to raise money for autism. Not only did Ms. Richards buy some items, but she also wore them on autism awareness day even though it was her first day back from a 2 week sick leave. Ms. Richards then did the best thing of all, she and Emily set up a sale within the school to sell the jewelry and helped the student council set up an autism awareness dress-down day to show support for my daughter. With her help the school raised over $300 for autism. The best thing about Ms. Richards is that she cares way beyond the classroom and school day. After finding out that my daughter has a hard time in the afterschool program Ms. Richards gave her a special notebook for her to write her frustrations in so that maybe she can make it through her day without getting in trouble. My only regret about Ms. Richards is that I can’t take her with us to middle school next year!


Nominated by: Stacy Arsenault