Ms. Nicole Sousa
Veterans Park Elementary- Music and Band Teacher
We would like to nominate Nicole Sousa. She is the Vets Park Music and band teacher. She instills and promotes a love of all the arts. She has excited and inspired students, to try, to do, and to succeed in all they do. She is an advocate for education in general. I see her at all of the PTO meetings working with both the parents and her colleagues to better the lives of the children in our schools. She also orchestrates an after school chorus, and after school band. She organizes 3 chorus and band concerts a year that our parents and families are treated to, as well as a big Play production every year in which all 4th and 5th grade children have an opportunity to participate. This year our 4th and 5th graders will be doing the play Aladdin, and everyone is very excited. I have seen her give up her time before and after school hours to help any student that may need a little extra help in their musical endeavors. We think we are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. All of this with a smile and happy heart. Quite simply, Ms. Sousa loves what she does, and more importantly , who she does it for. Please consider Ms. Sousa for your teacher of the month.

Student: AlinaBanas

Parent: Briana Banas