Sarno: We Will Cooperate With The Fed

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno is  reacting to a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision this week  that says law enforcement agencies in the state can't detain a person  solely for immigration violations. 

 Sarno says the city "will continue to cooperate with  federal authorities" to ensure safety for citizens, especially in terms  of protecting them from violent criminals.  

Meanwhile, the court  decision is in line with the policies of some other Western  Massachusetts cities, like Greenfield, whose mayor issued an order last  week preventing local police officers from questioning people about  their immigration status unless the person is involved in a criminal  investigation.  

And, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials back  in March included Northampton and Amherst on what was considered a list  of "sanctuary cities" across the U.S.

(Photo by Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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