Latest Flap: Dispute Over A Cup?

For the record the times I drink coffee are determined where I am at the time.  Brand loyalty should not be confused with what I do.

Why are we trying to make in this country everything a war? 

Why do we try to make everything about conflict?Why can’t we just take it for whatever it is?

Why can’t we just live life the way it is and wait for the real thing about the real issue?

Starbucks is out with its holiday cup.  They have a green one and a red one.  And, for me the cups are secondary to what is in them.  I don’t need a cup to tell me when to get me in the mood for anything, let alone the holiday season.

But there are some who are suggesting that the video that introduced the cups, something I thought was well done, promotes homosexuality.


I don’t see it.  Look for yourself.

In my other life I spend a good portion of the college football season with the same group of guys in various locker rooms around the east coast.  We hug.  We do whatever we do.  Just because we hug doesn’t mean we are gay.  We like each other.  We know what it takes to get to where we are and we are appreciative of the opportunity and to work with each other.

Just because we hug doesn’t make us gay.  It doesn’t make us anything more or less than human.

The high school or college team that holds hands or links arms prior to the start of the game is not gay.

And, if they were who cares?

Who cares about any of this?

If we need an ad to make us angry or happy or sad that is more of the problem then the perceived one that you are trying to make.

Someone I know once proclaimed…

“Self imposed hardship is not a hardship.”

I like quoting that guy.

(video with thanks Starbucks)



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