New App Creates Legal Contracts For Consent to Sex

One-night stands are about to get way less complicated thanks to a new app called LegalFling. The company aims to create contracts for consensual sex and give users a 'legally binding agreement' before they engage in any sexual activity. 

That's not all, the app also allows couples to coordinate sexual preferences through a checklist. This allows people to set ground rules that are explicitly clear and gives each person a good idea as to what is allowed and encouraged before getting busy. 

Not only does LegalFling create the agreement regarding physical boundaries, the app also records consent as well adding privacy controls regarding any videos or photos taken during their time together. 

“Sex should be fun and safe, but nowadays a lot of things can go wrong,” the site reads. “While you’re protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality. LegalFling creates a legally binding agreement, which means any offense is a breach of contract.” 

Contracts created though the app are private, time-stamped records. Instead of making users sign their name, users just have to click to consent. Consent can even be requested using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even just SMS text. 

Another interesting component to the app: customizable consent. Users can design the app to their personal interests whether they want to discuss condom use, STI testing, or even group play. 

Consent can also be revoked at any time with a swipe, ending the legal agreement. 


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