Local Judge Sued In Sex Allegation Case

A Western Massachusetts judge is  being accused in a federal lawsuit of forcing a woman to perform a sex  act on him. 

Thomas Estes had been the presiding judge in Eastern  Hampshire District Court, but was pulled from the bench last year and  restricted to a non-bench position in Holyoke District Court without an  explanation from court officials. 

The complaint was filed this week by  Tammy Cagle, who alleges the incident happened in November 2016 at the  Belchertown District Court building. 

Cagle, a woman who had previously  worked for a client advocacy group, had a sexual encounter with Estes  when alcohol was a factor several days beforehand, according to the  complaint.

His Attorney David Hoose says he looks forward to proving his client's innocence and that Cagle was fired for other reasons and that those reasons had nothing to do with him.


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