Rosenberg Quiet On Future Plans

Former state Senate President Stan  Rosenberg is not saying whether he plans to seek the presidency again  next year.  

Rosenberg was at the State House in Boston yesterday, saying  he was there to vote for Harriette Chandler as president.  

The  embattled Rosenberg said little else, ignoring other questions from  reporters.  

Rosenberg stepped down as president after his husband Bryon  Hefner was accused of sexually harassing men involved in state  government.

Thursday the State Senate voted 37-0 to confirm Harriett Chandler, the Worcester Democrat as the new Senate President through the rest of the legislative session. 

She is 80 and says she will get the Senate through all its vital business but has no interest in running on a longer term basis for the post.

(picture provided by Senator Rosenberg's office)


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