Councilor: Mayor is "Trumplike" on Immigration

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno is  formally directing city officials to re-inspect a Springfield church  serving as an immigrant sanctuary for what he calls illegal housing  aspects.  

Sarno shared on the city's website the contents of an email  sent to Springfield's building commissioner, fire commissioner and other  code enforcement officers on Tuesday, a day after the South  Congregational Church took in an illegal immigrant who was scheduled to  be deported to Peru, plus her two children.  

Sarno said in the email  that he also wants the city to strip the church of its tax-exempt  status.

Meantime, a Springfield City Councilor who is also a State Senate candidate Adam Gomez calls the Mayor misinformed about the current immigration issues in this country and at one point called the mayor "Trumplike" in his views on the issue.


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