Heat Wave Done- Air Issues Prevail

The heat advisory is no longer in  effect for today, but the National Weather Service is again issuing an  air quality alert.  

The temperature is expected to be in the high 80's  today in most of western Massachusetts with the high humidity continuing.

The latest summertime heatwave broke with a series of intense thunderstorms through the area.

To provide as much relief as possible though from the intense humidity, in Springfield, Mayor Dom Sarno has decided to keep the pools as well as Five Mile Pond open for an additional week at a cost of nearly 35 thousand dollars.  The Mayor says the money is there for that public service.

People with asthma or other ailments are asked to take advantage of air conditioning as much as they can and to take care of any outdoor activities in either the early morning or late in the day.

Just like earlier in the week, we are in line for hit or miss showers or thunderstorms throughout the later part of the afternoon.


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