DA: Weldon Indicted

Stewart Weldon, the man whose East Springfield  home was where three bodies were discovered earlier this year, is being  indicted on murder charges and dozens of other offenses.  

Hampden  District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said Thursday  night that Weldon was  indicted by a Hampden County Grand Jury on 52 total counts, also  including rape and aggravated kidnapping.  

Gulluni says the actions for  which Weldon is being indicted stretched over a year's time and involve  eleven different victims.  

The Springfield  Police Department encountered a woman who claimed she was beaten and  held captive by Weldon on May 27th, and three days later, authorities  began a search of his property on Page Boulevard that resulted in the  discovery of the bodies.

A spokesman for the police department, Ryan Walsh says that he hopes the indictments start to bring a measure of relief.

So far there has been no word as to when the arraignment on the new charges will be held.


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