Letter: Incident Could Have Been Resolved Shooter

(24/7 News/ WHYN Radio) --   A colleague of a Smith College  employee who called campus police to report a black student looked "out  of place" on campus is speaking out.  

In a letter sent to college  president Kathleen McCartney and other officials and shared with the Springfield  Republican, Tracey Putnam Culver says the incident involving student  Oumou Kanoute was not an incident of racial bias.  

She claims the  college's administration was, quote, "so intent on their outrage that  they failed to ask important questions of staff that could have cleared  this issue up immediately".  

Putnam Culver said the "out of place"  comment was due to the fact that the student was in a building that was  closed with no one else inside, and that the employee who called police  was following protocol.


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