Sarno: It Would Send The Wrong Message

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno is  issuing a statement regarding the push to posthumously promote a police  officer.  

Springfield City Council passed a non-binding resolution this  week to have Robert Caulton promoted to captain.  

He was believed to  have been denied the promotion in the early 1990s because of his race.   

Sarno says he has much regard for Caulton, but he echoed Police  Commissioner John Barbieri's comments that the move would open up a  Pandora's box, noting that type of request is reserved for an officer  killed in the line of duty.  

Sarno also made it public that the new  Springfield Police headquarters will be named after Captain Joseph Budd,  who was also a minority officer, and that the city would be more than  willing to honor Caulton within the new building.


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