Student Says He Was Hit With A Belt At School By Friend Of His Teacher

An elementary school teacher in Chicago was arrested and charged with battery and causing a child to be endangered after a nine-year-old student claimed that the teacher, along with another woman, punished him by hitting him with a belt in the hallway and bathroom of George Tilton Elementary School.

Jomaury Champ was in the hallway when his teacher, Kristen Haynes, and her friend, Juanita Tyler, grabbed him and held his arms while they screamed at him and started hitting him with a belt.

“I tried to say, ‘What did I do?’ And she just hit me in my lip. Then, my teacher, she said, ‘You know what you did.’ And then the lady hit me in my lip again,” Jomaury told WBBM-TV

The two women then brought Jomaury into the bathroom and Haynes returned to her class, leaving the young boy alone with Tyler.

“The lady, she told me to pull down my pants, but I didn’t. So she got mad, and she started whacking me with the two belts,” Jomaury told the news station.

After Tyler was done punishing Jomaury, she brought him back to class and warned him to obey his teacher.

“She got in my face and said, “You respect [Haynes] because we grew up together.’ She gave my teacher back the belts, and she left,” Jomaury said.

Jomaury was hit hard enough to break his skin and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the beating. He spent two months in and out of the hospital and must take numerous medications to help control his symptoms, which include insomnia and anxiety.

His parents have filed a lawsuit against the school, the Chicago Board of Education, Kristen Haynes and Juanita Tyler.

“Jomaury’s parents are outraged that someone had touched and beaten her child, outraged that his teacher had allowed a total stranger to beat him, and outraged that that they were never contacted before or after the incident,” the family's attorney, Al Hofeld Jr., said in a statement.

School officials said that Haynes is no longer teaching at the school and they promised to take additional disciplinary action pending the outcome of their investigation. Tyler was also arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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