Bishop: "We Are The Stones Of The Church"

The fire is out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but the city's skyline looks nothing like it once did. 

The fire completely destroyed the cathedral's roof and spire. 

However, fire crews were able to keep the flames from consuming the two bell towers and the facade. 

They were also able to save sacred relics such as part of the crown of thorns said to have been worn by Jesus when he was crucified. 

In Springfield, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Bishop Mitchel Rozanski says that he continues to pray for the people of France.

He told reporters "we are the living stones---we are the church."

"It is the faith in our hearts that count. So whatever is destroyed here on earth it is the faith that we keep in our hearts that counts."

(Pictures provided by Jim Polito WHYN/WTAG Radio)


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