State Sued Over Educational Funding

A just filed lawsuit by parents and students in Springfield, Chicopee, Orange and Fall River blames chronic under funding of education for their many children being left behind.

Among the plaintiffs, the NAACP’s New England Conference and The Council For Fair School Finance.

The suit alleges that the civil rights of the students were violated because of the inadequate funding.

The suit filed just hours after the Constitutional Convention on Beacon Hill gave initial approval to the so-called Millionaire’s Tax.

Last month, New Bedford and Worcester threatened a suit but said that final decisions were months away.

The Governor has not commented on the suit.

The suit is not the first time that the state has been sued over school funding.

It was back in 1999 that Hancock versus Driscoll case was filed which was finally decided by the State Supreme Court.

The SJC ruled that the state was meeting its duty to fund education but admitted that there were still inadequacies that needed to be addressed.


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