City Council Paying Out To End Longstanding Legal Issue

A pair of noteworthy financial matters both related to the Springfield Police Department were approved by the Springfield City Council last night.

The city council approved a 450-thousand-dollar settlement in a police brutality case. 

A federal lawsuit was filed by Lee Hutchins, who said police used excessive force during a domestic disturbance in 2013, and a jury sided with him. 

Under the agreement, which came about after mediation in federal court, the actual verdict in the case is vacated, that is as if it never happened. That means that in future cases, reference to that case can never be admissible.

The council also approved 350-grand to retroactively pay police officers and supervisors as part of an education incentive initiative.

Additionally, city councilors approved a measure that will see voters get a post card reminder that their is a city election coming up. There will be no robo calls though.

Councilors are also preparing debate a measure that will restrict the use of illegal dirt bikes in the city.


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