SJC Orders New Trial For Man In "Upskirting" Case

A new trial is being granted in the case of a man who was convicted of secretly filming people using a public restroom in Berkshire County.

The state's Supreme Judicial Court made the ruling regarding three charges previously dismissed against Sam Wassilie of Hudson, New York, who was convicted of recording people in a bathroom in Dalton in 2017.

The state disagreed with a judge's decision to vacate several counts of illegally videotaping minors based on the wording of a state "up-skirting" law, which refers to the practice of secretly filming up a woman's skirt, saying it was unconstitutionally vague.

The court also upheld the denial of a motion which argued Wassilie should have been prosecuted on the number of video-recording incidents, not the number of victims.

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)

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