Mayors Elected But For Some The Counting Continues

Election night in Western Mass was pretty low for turnout most places, although Westfield and Chicopee as well as Holyoke were hot spots.

In Springfield, the incumbent Dom Sarno beat back the challenge of Yolanda Cancel taking about 77 percent of the vote. Cancel ran you will recall when her son was shot near the south end earlier this year.

For Springfield City Council, the top vote getters council at large, Kateri Walsh, Justin Hurst, Jesse Ledderman, Trayce Whitfield and Sean Curren.

In Ward 4---where E Henry Twiggs announced his retirement from the council at the end of the session, Malo Brown wins the seat.

There was one surprise in Ward Six where the veteran City Councilor Tim Ryan was ousted by Victor Davila. There could be a recount there, but right now Davila is the winner.

In Westfield, it is basically split right down the middle. We are also going to see a recount for Mayor where right now, and this is unofficial and not certified yet. Don Humason beats Police Captain Mike McCabe. It’s a 50-50 split. 31 votes wasthe lead for Humason at one point. Now it is about 97 votes. There will be a recount required in that race. Other highlights in Westfield, Rick Sullivan returns to City Government winning a seat on the city council there.

In Chicopee, where the current mayor Richard Kos is retiring at the end of the year, John Vieau beats Joe Morrisette for the seat. He took about 57 percent of the vote.

In Holyoke, the question that would have set in motion the building of two new schools in that city failed. The no’s beat the yes’s 64% to 36%. City officials had said that if the question failed there was no Plan B and the project would be dead.

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