Too Much Brady? Not Enough Reality?

Can we all understand one thing please?

We are now at a point in history when we are spending more time analyzing a photo of Tom Brady, whether he is from or towards a stadium, rather than the process or ramifications of what is going on in Washington.

Is that right? Is that reasonable?

Can we all understand one thing?

At this point in life, Tom Brady is not a quarterback in the NFL. He hasn’t been a quarterback in the NFL for some time.

He is a brand. Tom Brady the brand seeks to make a lot of money.

And, the more we are talking about Tom Brady the brand, the more the brand is worth.

It is all about money. It’s just business.

Tom Brady knows it. His wife knows it more.

And, now we all have to realize it as well.

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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