Everyone Knows Who Will Win-_But They Don't Really

I hate to tell the media what to do. I rule over my little domain and I don’t try to tell politicians or media or anyone else what to do.

But, let’s put it this way. Everyone and their brother has told you the outcome of the election apparently ignoring the most recent history. Remember some builder guy from New York...with funny hair that no one took seriously until he actually took the oath of office?

So a bunch of people have now told you that one candidate over another is better but no one really remembers it was that type of attitude and belief that played out in the last election.

Of course those running for office play into the usual.

It is so easy for them to run against something than to campaign on an idea. It is easy to say “no that stinks” rather than “here’s why my idea is better.”

Politics is no longer about the way a guy speaks or the color of a tie, what it should be about an idea.

And, that’s why the favorite question of mine during debates has never really been answered by any ---ANY politician in this state or any other one. Perhaps if they could find a way to answer it they would be better off.

Mr or Ms Candidate--- What is the one idea that you believe is most beneficial for society? How much will it cost. What are it’s specifics? And more importantly how will we know if it works?”

I have asked that question for decades. And the politicians ---who sometimes know it is coming, still can’t answer it.

That’s sad. Because you are then forced to decide who will lead the free world, or your town or your state based on a color of a tie---or whether or not they look good not wearing one.

Is this anyway to run a campaign?

Can't we just have an idea?

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