Is America Fed Up With Voting?

I know this is only me. I have one more good nerve left that needs to last me until November 4th. That is the day after the election.

I am sick of the endorsements. Many of them are written to create a headline rather than to make a statement.

And, I am equally exercised about this thought that the media is the story.

How many times have you heard a politician or whomever say something to the effect that its “the right wing media,” or its “the left wing media” that has clouded the issue.

Many politicians use that as a crutch. Those people are often scared that the American people have an opinion that they can form on their own. Others are afraid that many more can’t.

I don’t know who will win. Anyone making a prediction months and months before election day has either forgotten what elections are all about or has a fighting interest in what is going on.

What I do know is that between the candidates and the pundits, there have been no solutions offered to problems.

They have all the problems identified down pat. What they haven’t done is solve them. They say what they will do. They don’t tell you anything else.

And until they do--all they have is a bunch of stuff that will spend my money, make me irritated and my tax people happy for the billable hour to figure it all out.

(Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

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