Governor Declares Massachusetts State of Emergency

Governor Baker has declared a State of Emergency because of the growing Cornavirus crisis.

The Governor says that there are now a total of 91 cases in the state, more than double at this time Monday,

The designation of a State of Emergency will allow the state to access federal dollars if needed.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronarvirus in the U.S. is topping 800.

There have been 28 deaths linked to the outbreak. The number of confirmed cases worldwide is more than 118-thousand and more than 42-hundred people have died.

New York has overtaken Washington as the state with the most confirmed cases. The virus in now in more than three dozen states.

The spiking of cases has lead to the cancellations of St Patrick's Parades in Holyoke, Boston and Hartford. It has also led to the cancellation of the rest of the winter high school sports season. That means there will be no basketball tournament.

Baker encouraged employers, where possible, to limit or eliminate non-essential travel and larger meetings and encourage telecommuting.

The governor said the "enhanced" measures he announced were being put in place to get ahead of the spread of the coronavirus and that the current number of people infected or isolated is within the health care system's capabilities.

(Photo Credt: iStockphoto)

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