Spreading Calm Over Corona Across The World

There has been a fair amount of angst in the world today because of the current crisis that has descended upon us. There are people who are in denial that this is something somehow was created for some reason or another. We have withstood the assault on the stores, people walking out with loads of water and whatever. We won’t even talk about toilet paper.

And through all this consternation that is going on we hear from the young athletes who are concerned because they can’t finish a season or start another one and somehow their lives will be ruined.

For all you teachers out there looking for something to teach--have your students research 1942 and ask them about that year and see what they come up with.

I wasn’t there. But history tells us that 1942 was a defining moment.

We were half way through WW2 if my history doesn’t defy me.

The Battle of Midway comes to mind. I don’t have to go through what happened in Germany and we were less that 2 years away---roughly from D -Day.

So as we complain about having to work from home. About having to stay 6 feet away from people. Before we start to complain about the selection in the store or the lack of TP or how you are aggrieved by something...or how your high school athlete will miss out on softball season or baseball season or whatever.

Before you do all that complaining, think about this one.

Do you think that any of the men and women who gave their lives for a world crisis and did so without trepidation, do you think any of them complained about high school sports or whatever.

We will make our way through this crisis because in the end we will keep our distance, wash our hands and do what Americans do….

Figure it out of the fly and come up with a way to win.

And when we put it all into perspective we will all be better off.

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