Western Mass Mayor Seeks Better Pay For Those In Prison

The Mayor of Holyoke has written to the Governor, The Corrections Commissioner and to the State Senate President and House Speaker wanting more equitable pay for prisoners doing vital work needed for the medical community and others during the Covid 19 crisis.

The Mayor writes that the effort to fight the virus is done by the medical community but it is being supported by prisoners in county and state jails that are producing Personal Protective Equipment.

The Mayor says that a better wage than the dollar an hour they are making needs to be addressed.

The mayor calls it “an indefensible practice.” He is calling on the legislature to pass and the Governor to sign a bill co-authored by Northampton’s Lyndsey Sabadosa that would establish a minimum wage for incarcerated workers.

Neither the Governor, nor any of the County Sheriff’s have commented on the Holyoke Mayor’s letter.

The Mayor is also a candidate for Congress challenging Congressman Richard Neal for the post.

(Photo credit RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images)

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