If You Run You Will Not Fall

I was in one of those suddenly popular video conference meetings that a lot of businesses are doing these days when the host of the meeting said the words that I become ill when I hear, were said.

“We have a special guest today” is what he said.

The purpose was to help with some hints to be happy and deal with the pandemic and quarantines and the like.

It wasn’t until half way through Amy Newmark’s presentation that it all made sense.

For those who don’t know-- Amy is the editor and publisher of the “Chicken Soup” series. She is in Connecticut where like a lot of other people she is working from home. That she is from Connecticut means she automatically gets additional points. We all stick together.

She talked about communication and the usual things that one talks about in these situations. Some were motivational. Some pragmatic. But then she spoke the words that I perked up on.

She talked about going to Oman with her husband on vacation. Now we won’t get into why someone would do that. But she said it was something they wanted to do and she went.

They were going to go paragliding. That is something that she wasn’t all that thrilled with doing. I can understand that. I am not thrilled with heights, flying or anything that doesn’t require my feet to be well planted on concrete.

But then the advice that everyone needs to hear. Too many people these days are coming up with too many excuses not to do something while we are all together. Too many excuses not to talk. Not to clean your office. Not to help. Not to take advantage of what we have in front of us.”

Stay with me. I will get there.

Apparently one thing that they tell you is that when you paraglide----you just don’t stand there on the mountain and suddenly you fly. You have to run. Off the mountain.

And, then the advice we can all live by: “If you don’t run off the cliff, you will plummet.”

Simple words that speak volumes.

So let’s quit barking at each other, over analyzing and making excuses for why we are doing what we are doing. You can do that anytime.

Do something different. Take a chance. Smile. And make it all better. Run off that mountain and watch it get better. Watch how you fly. Watch how you succeed.

That personal mountain that you see as un-climbable is actually quite doable if you quit talking and just do it.

Thanks Amy.

(Photo with thanks AmyNewmark.com)

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