Another Bout With Winter

The region is preparing for another bout of winter weather.

The National Weather Service is predicting that we could get somewhere between 3 and 7 inches of snow starting this afternoon and going through until Friday evening.

The first part of the day is going to be pretty quiet. If you are headed to work, it will be a normal drive. The trip home you may begin to encounter the first part of the storm.

The storm won't be particularly intense, instead dropping light but steady snow on the region.

What will be an issue is that temperatures are going to rise a bit. And, that could either create a brief changeover to sleet or rain or in the alternative a heavier snow as temperatures rise.

Looks like the weekend will be on the cold side between the 20s and 30s.

Looking ahead to Monday we might see another bout with snow that changes to rain, but it is still a bit early to tell what might happen on that accord.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak. WHYN News)