Testimony Received Again On Crime Scene Photo Legislation

Ten years after Amanda Plasse was murdered in Chicopee, her family is still fighting for a law that would ban non-essential pictures from being taken at crime scenes.

On her fifth trip to Boston to testify for the measure, Michelle Mathieson and her sister recounted the day not only that her daughter was killed, but then having to relive the tragedy when images of the grisly crime scene were emailed among some police and first responders.

A bill by State Rep Joe Wagner would ban that. At one-point Mathiseson begging lawmakers, “Can we do something please? This shouldn’t happen.”

Officers who took the pictures were reprimanded. Wagner says he believes a “quiet behind the scenes effort” is underway however to kill the bill.

Dennis Rosa Roman was sentenced to Life in Prison for the killing of Plasse.

(Photo Credit: iStockphoto)

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