Baker Says No To Mask Mandate- While Local Communities Say Yes

Governor Charlie Baker isn't planning to change the state's latest guidance for wearing masks indoors or in schools. The governor says because of its higher vaccination rates, Massachusetts doesn't have the coronavirus case count, hospitalizations and deaths being experienced in some other states. However, Baker has recommended wearing masks indoors for those who are at higher risk for infection or live with an un-vaccinated adult.

While the Governor is hesitant to install a statewide mandate, local communities are going in their own directions. In Westfield, the School Committee voted unanimously for a mask mandate when their schools open on August 30th.

Southwick residents spoke their mind on the issue last night as well. The School Committee scheduling a vote on the possible masking at a meeting on Thursday.

The Catholic School System in Western Mass says that it will allow parents to make up their own minds as to whether or not kids are masked. But the Roman Catholic Diocese also says that it will constantly review that decision.

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