Local Mayors Unite To Take On Illegal Dirt Bikers

The Mayors of Holyoke, Springfield and Chicopee are teaming up to crack down on illegal dirt bikes which have plagued the region for some time.

The mayors aren’t saying how that is going to happen because they don’t want to give away tactics.

But they do say besides the crack down the newly found coalition is going to try to push the legislature to pass a statewide measure--as well as home rule petitions that would ban the sale of gasoline to illegal dirt bikes.

“I want to thank Mayor Murphy for reaching out and inviting everyone and for hosting this very important quality of life and public safety meeting,” Mayor Sarno continued. “This issue is not an isolated one that can be addressed by one municipality. There must be a coordinated approach with all of our regional partners from our local police departments to our court system and our residents and business community. We’ve also spoken to and thanked acting State Public Safety Secretary Terry Reidy and State Police Colonel Christopher Mason about their continued collaboration with our task forces and ‘the eye in the sky’ helicopter use too.”  

The mayors say while all that is important-- nothing will be accomplished without judges issuing high bails among other things.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, WHYN News)

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