AR-15; Ammo; Cash And Drugs Confiscated During Springfield Arrest

A 23-year-old Springfield man, once arrested for possession of an illegal Ghost Gun has now been arrested after a raid of his Phillips Avenue home for possession an AR-15, 48 rounds of ammo, 73 hundred bucks in cash and what police say was a large amount of pot.  Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno leaving the podium to point directly at the stash and thank God that police got the suspect, Milan Brown before he was able to use weapons.  

The mayor begging the courts to do what is right and keep Brown behind bars.

"Once again, our brave and dedicated SPD arrested an individual on gun charges and once again they re-arrested them on another serious gun charge. Back in May, SPD arrested this particular individual with a ‘ghost gun’ and our courts ‘in their wisdom’ decided to release him out on bail and back into our community. Well what do you know, our SPD picked him again, this time he upgraded his armory – SPD recently arrested this individual with an AR-15. Thankfully, they got to him before he could use this weapon in manner that could have hurt or possible killed someone. Again, I urge and plead with our courts to take action and hold these individuals response for the consequences of the serious crimes they are being arrested on before God forbid the next time our SPD arrest this individual it might be for murder and another innocent loss of life in our community that could have been avoided if our courts just did their job and keep these violent repeat offenders off our streets and out of our neighborhoods.”    

(Photo Provided by Springfield Police Department) 

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