Mayor - Commissioner Want Body Cam Footage Released Now

Springfield Mayor Dom Sarno is asking the Hampden County District Attorney to release body camera footage from a deadly police involved shooting. The city is asking for the release with the necessary redactions so as not to interfere with an on-going investigation.

Mayor Sarno states, “The video should be made public as soon as the family have a chance to view it. Transparency is required. We invested in the body-worn camera system so there would be greater transparency. I have asked the District Attorney and I am awaiting his directions.”

“Commissioner Clapprood and I, out of respect and concern of the grieving family, had extended an invitation to them to view the videos. They declined our invitation,” said Mayor Sarno. “Once again, Commissioner Clapprood and I offer our sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the grieving family. Also, to our injured Springfield Police Officer, our thoughts and prayers of good health and a speedy recovery.”

The District Attorney's Office says it is expediting the investigation. But- they say they cannot release the video until the family has a chance to watch it and the investigation concludes.

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