Neal, McGovern: Pelosi Legacy To Be Felt For Decades

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will soon no longer be leading House Democrats. She announced she won't seek re-election to leadership after being in charge for many years. The White House says President Biden talked with the Speaker and "congratulated her on her historic tenure." In his own statement, Biden said he thinks of the word dignity when the California Democrat comes to mind. He also cited her legislative accomplishments including the healthcare law known as Obamacare.

Springfield Congressman Richard Neal said:

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi earned the adage, ‘you never bet against Speaker Pelosi,’ and that’s what makes this announcement so bittersweet. No Speaker of the House has ever achieved more. From her historic rise to the first female Speaker to her long list of accomplishments, she has never wavered from her commitment and service to the American people. Her legacy is unmatched, and she truly is irreplaceable."

Worcester Congressman Jim McGovern said,

“Nancy Pelosi has been, without a doubt, the greatest, most effective speaker in the history of the House of Representatives. Guiding our caucus and the Congress through moments of triumph and tragedy, she has been an iconic leader, an unrelenting champion for children, an unsurpassed voice for human rights, and an unmatched legislator. Her integrity, decency, patriotism, and persistence are awe inspiring, and her selfless service to America has been a gift to the people of this country.

Under the Republican leadership, neither Neal nor McGovern will retain their chairmanships.

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Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Announces She's Stepping Down From Party Leadership Role

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